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I seek SYSTEMS because I can get the equipment on-site very fast and their pricing is very reasonable compared to other vendors. The biggest benefit I see from working with SYSTEMS is that when I have an unusual process control need, SYSTEMS can resolve quickly and get me the correct components to get the job finished. I have been a dealer with SYSTEMS since around their start. I have SYSTEMS’ equipment out there for over 20 years and it’s still running. They are simply the easiest controls on the market and thus I have benefited by selling quite a few controls as well as control houses. SYSTEMS’ service is top notch. When I have a problem, whomever it may be insures I get an answer in a timely fashion. All of my customers also say your service people are excellent. The best feature is “Simplicity”! The controls simply work. Easy to troubleshoot and parts are readily available.

Ed Romine
President of Osweiler Bros Equipment

Why do we enjoy our relationship with Systems Equipment? Geez, where do I start? We’ve been doing business with Systems long since before I started in ’99. Your products are near bomb-proof. When we do need support, there is always someone on the other end of the phone that is willing and able to help. As you describe on your website, when one of our control houses burned down you had us back up and running in a week. Systems is very flexible; you are willing to make changes for us and together we have come up with a few new technologies that our whole industry can take advantage of. The hardware is very easy to install and troubleshoot, and the software is very easy to use. We have a large number of plants that started out with different control systems that now are refitted with Systems. Our operators prefer the ADP-GUI platform over any of our other blending systems. And with the WIN-MC platform, our next control house will probably have a “glass cockpit”; the only physical buttons will be control power and e-stops. As making hot mix asphalt becomes more involved and complicated (and precise) I know we can count on Systems to adapt and provide us with the technologies we require to stay competitive.

Rick Moulton
Plant Systems & Automation Supervisor
of Construction Resources Management

End User

Congratulations to SYSTEMS on a job extremely well done. I found the program for AC calibration to be very user friendly and not problematic when it came to fluctuating AC temperatures. You have helped tremendously. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The AC calibration effort is no more time consuming than the aggregate side and as far as H & M ranges AC calibration is quicker. I will be a spokesman for sales. I truly appreciate it.

Steve Flatt
President of Truman Flatt Construction
End User